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Changing the World since 2014

Breaking Bonds began in 2014 as a weekly meeting for graduates of faith-based treatment centers. Attendees would fellowship in breaking bread and studying the Word of God. In 2016 God laid on the hearts of Casey and Tiffanie Turner, the founders of BBM, to go beyond just a weekly meeting. A free, long-term rehabilitation program centered on Jesus Christ was then formed. Since then hundreds of lives have been changed through the power of Jesus Christ with lives being put back together, families restored, and bonds of addiction broken. The program has continued to thrive and has experienced growth and increased capabilities. One thing that has not changed is the focus of restoring lives through the power of Jesus Christ. Nolan Dill, a graduate of a faith-based program, and his wife Camary now lead the program along with an incredible team. To learn more about the BBM team, please click here. Breaking Bonds Ministries is continuing to grow by changing the world one soul at a time.

Our mission

Our mission is to help men overcome addiction whether it be to drugs, alcohol, or anything else.  To help restore families torn apart from the bondage brought by abuse of drugs, alcohol, or anything else. We believe that through God any life can be restored. Homes can be rebuilt. Families can be reunited. That through God a someone can have life and more abundantly. We have set our sights on this simple principle: changing the world, one soul at a time!

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